"Android app downloads market leader"

Android Apple has overtaken, in terms of the number of downloads of apps, at least, so say team members of the popular operating system. Android is said to have a market share of 44 percent, iOS 31.

The most important factor in the success of Android is said to be the fact that it is an open platform. Anyone who wants a phone with Android can make one. It is easy to add an app to the Android Market. Apps are not judged in advance, so many apps get in the Android Market. The figures provided by members of the Android team refer to the second quarter of this year.

2011219 android large

The figures disguise the fact that for developers who want to make money with their app, it is still better to make an iPhone app. The average earnings of an iPhone app were, before the summer of this year, about eight times higher than the earnings of an Android app. To continue attracting developers, Google should offer developers business model more than it should focus on absolute numbers.

Bron: Bgr.com