Android Market gets content rating

Developers of Android apps will be soon be forced to rate the content of their app for different ages. Starting next week, those who submit an app to the Android Markt can't escape rating it.

All Android devs have to say which age group fits their app best. Existing apps have to be rated as well. If the developer fails to do so, his app will be rated 'Mature'. Who already has an app in the Market, has a few weeks time to rate his app.

Location data

Developers can choose several ratings 'all', 'pre-teen', 'teen' ore 'mature'. It's not only explicit language that matters to Google when rating an app. Developers also have to take into account how their app handles location data.

Google: "Apps rated 'all'cannot ask user for their location. Apps that want acces to route data or exact location data have to be rated 'pre-teen' or higher. Apps that allow to publish the location of the user have to rated 'teen' or higher."