Nokia 808 PureView review


The first thing that comes to mind when looking at this phone, is its size and weight. It is rather thick and heavy. Of course, this is due to the large camera lens at the back of the phone. It almost looks like the phone has a tube, just like an old-fashioned television. At first sight, the phone looks a bit ponderous, but thanks to its rounded shapes, it fits well into one's hand. Apart from the screen, the phone is made out of plastic. It makes a solid impression, all the parts fit well into each other. Like we said before, we tested the white version, but you can also get this phone in red and black.

Underneath the screen, we find a elongated button, that serves as (from left to right) call button, menu button and hang up-button. This last button is also the one that switches the phone on and off. This is remarkable, because you would usually look for the switch at the top of the device. On the right side, we find the camera button, lock and volume button.

At the top, we can add the micro HDMI connection, the USB-port and the connection for the headset. Only the HDMI connection is hidden behind a lid. The bottom side doesn't have any specific parts.

The lid at the back can easily be removed, and when you take the battery out of the phone, you can put the SIM-card into its slide.