Nokia 808 PureView review

Battery life

Our Nokia 808 PureView's battery was empty when we received it, so we immediately put it onto the charger for a night. With our intensive testing activities it lasted for about a day, which is a pretty good result. There's a few possibilities to save on the energy, even if they're a bit hidden. For example, it's possible to adjust the screen time-out and the clarity of the screen. Anyway, the special energy-saving option will do more to help. You can find this when you press the on/off-key. The device can switch onto this option automatically when the battery's too low.

Additionally, you can also get the program Battery Monitor in the Nokia Store. This gives a useful insight in the spare energy and its possibilities.

Call quality

The sound during the conversations is a little bit disappointing: it all sounds quite dull. Also, it is a bit quiet at the start, but we can solve this with the volume button. Still, we're not entirely satisfied with this phone's call quality. During a call, there are enough options though: you can muffle the sound, put it on speaker, use the keyboard, navigate through your contacts and alter the settings.