Nokia 808 PureView review


Apart from the usual connectivity options such as Bluetooth and WiFi, the PureView has NFC at its disposal, which is a FM transmitter. With this, you can play music from your phone on your car radio through a frequency that you can set up yourself. Be careful when you are going on a holiday, though, because this is illegal in some countries.

The included browser may be a lot better than the previous Symbian versions, but it still isn't quite top-notch. It has some strange characteristics, like double affirmations and hick-ups. It's still an improvement, but we prefer the Opera browser. The built-in data counter, with which you can set up a limit, is a nice extra as it can stop you from exceeding your limits.

Nokia delivered the program JoikuSpot, so you can set up a WiFi Hotspot yourself. Unfortunately, this is the free ‘light' version with which you can set up disappointingly limited amount of things. Still, it's a start.