Nokia 808 PureView review

Available applications

The available applications are shown in a screen, that you can order in any way you want. That way, you could put the app that you used the most at the top. But an alphabetical order, or a list, is at your disposal as well. Here, we list all of the many applications: contacts, messages, web, gallery, agenda, e-mail, store, videos, search, cards, music player, camera, big screen (with which you can show your phone's screen on a HD television), DNLA Play, YouTube, social networks, By Car (Navigation), log, zip manager, CNN, weather, Vlingo Voice (Speech control), Shazam, QuickOffice, World Traveler, Nokia Music, Card loader, Message reader, check-in, Guides, JoikuSpot Light, F-sercure, communicator, ColorizIt (a funny gimmich with which you can color your pictures yourself), Adobe Reader, Microsoft Applications, Public transport, Facebook, Twitter, Nat Geo, Calculator, clock, documents, FM radio, dictionary, notations, speech recorder, Microsoft Lync, Powerpoint, office mobile and OneNote.


Actually Silent Film Director, an application with which you can add background Music and the weirdest effects – such as an effect that can make your clip look like a seventies home video – can be described as a game. Apart from that, there's BouceBoingBattle, a funny game that you can play together using NFC or Bluetooth. And of course, other games can be downloaded in an instant.