Nokia 808 PureView review


Call quality
Standard browser
A bit of a ponderous appearance

Great camera

Obviously, the Nokia 808 PureView is not the perfect phone. On the contrary, a good browser and a decent integration with Facebook and Twitter are prerequisites, and on that level, the phone doesn't satisfy the demands of 2012. On the other hand, those features are not the ones you would buy this phone for. The buyers of the N8 weren't put off by that, either. You buy this phone because of its camera.

Belle has come a long way, though, and the PureView is fine as an everyday phone. Updates even appear on a regular basis, and Nokia sometimes brings out extra applications that are worth downloading, too, so you won't be let down after the purchase. In secret, we can't help but imagine how amazing PureView would look on a Windows Phone. That combination could bring Nokia back on top.

Until then, you'll have this 808 PureView with which you can take astonishing pictures of your friends – and make them feel jealous.