Nokia 808 PureView review

Let’s speak freely: during the last few years, Nokia wasn’t really a brand to show off with. But recently, the Fins have made an effort to change that, and they seem to be doing a very reasonable job.

Of course, this 808 PureView isn't likely to be among the winners, unlike the iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy's. With the 808 PureView, Nokia is first and foremost looking to score when it comes to visual features.

With its 41.0 Mpixel camera, this phone is the successor of the, until now, unrivalled camera capacities of the N8. It may sound unlikely, but it's true. In order to promote it, Nokia even recorded a commercial with this phone!

It would be unfair to compare this phone to those of the competition, since Nokia set up a whole new category. It would be better to compare this phone to the more popular point and shoot-cameras. But we'll try it anyway. Does the PureView keep its promises? And what about the other features of this smart phone?

Nokia PureView


The Nokia PureView 808 is delivered in a colorful rectangular cardboard box. The phone is embedded in a cardboard holder. Underneath this, we find a headset with earplugs in different sizes, a wristband, a USB-cable and a charger. All of this is executed in black, even though we were testing the white version of the Nokia 808 PureView. Apart from this, we also find some leaflets. The accessories look fine and make a solid, but not very surprising impression. The included battery has a capacity of 1400 mAh.