Nokia announces 'optimalized' E52

Nokia has announced a new device in the Eseries; the E52. According to the Fins the E52 is optimalized for speach thanks to the anti-sound function. You also do not have to recharge the battery for more than a week.

The device has a renewed e-mail function just like the E75. The device has a GPS receiver and a 3.2 megapixel camera.

Nokia kondigt 'spraak geoptimaliseerde' E52 aan

But as said making calls is what the E52 is best in. The device has noise cancellation to cancell unwanted noice and sounds. Moreover, the battery can last for over 23 days without recharging. And that's impressive!

The Nokia E52 is getting available in stores the third quarter in the colours 'Metal Grey Aluminium' and 'Golden Aluminium'. The price is approximately 245 EURO.

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