Motorola Capri pictures leaked

The third new device from Motorola has been unveiled. It is the new Capri; a slim slider on the same basis as the new Motorola Canary device.

After the Canary and the new SCPL this is the third new Motorola device that has leaked into the open. The device looks to be a slider variant of the Canary and shows the new distinct slim design Motorola has come up with.

The new device looks ready to hit the market, but the expectation is that we will not see it in the shops before the end of this summer. The info rumored about this newer capri model is given below:

- Rubbery metal surface material like the V3x and PEBL
- 2.2 megapixel camera with flash and video
- Same size as SLVR, but significantly fatter
- MicroSD/Transflash slot
- Updated Motorola Linux UI
- Redesigned keypad (bears resemblance to the Samsung D800 model)

Check out the pictures of the new device below:

Source: Brian's Blog

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