“Asus cancelled ZX1, M536 and P560”

There are some problems for Asus. According to rumours the brand will cancel no less than 3 announced smartphones. Among the unlucky ones are the ZX1 Lamborghini, M536 and the P560.

Rumours about the cancellation of the Asus ZX1 Lamborghini aren't new, but rumours are new about the M536 and the P560. It is CNET Asia that reports that Asus is slowing down the development of the M536 and the P560. But this probably means that there will be no development at all.

The ZX1, M536 and the P560 thrown in the bin

The problems could be caused by suppliers that cannot live to expectations. The company wants to focus on more important smartphones by cancelling some of the models. The company stresses that it is not the idea to totally quit with the production of smartphones. Frankly, in September this year a new mobel will be announced.

Bron: CNET Azië

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