iOS 18 possibly biggest update for Apple iPhone ever

The iPhone 16, expected later this year, may come with the most significant update to iOS ever. At least, that's what journalist Mark Gurman claims. Apple is said to be fully committed to AI, and iOS 18 will show that.

Apple has been so busy with its VR side quest that it is in danger of missing out on AI altogether. Apple plans to fix that, starting with iOS 18. Mark Gurman's 'Power On' newsletter tells us that Siri, in particular, will get a lot smarter.

Presentation of Siri during WWDC 2015 by Craig Federighi
Some sample questions you can currently ask Siri

For instance, how well Siri responds to questions and follow-up questions. In recent years, Siri has lost out to competitors such as Google Assistant and Alexa. Apple will also apply generative AI to the keyboard to give better word suggestions and to finish sentences.

RCS support

Another change in iOS 18 is the presence of RCS (Rich Communication Services). This service allows Android and iPhone users to send images and files to each other with the support of read receipts. RCS has long been seen as the successor to SMS, but Apple has vehemently opposed it in favor of iMessage.

Google Android RCS demo
Google has been pushing RCS for years

We may see the first glimpse of iOS 18 at WWDC in mid-2024. Apple always gives a demo of a new iOS version before it is released. That usually happens simultaneously with the launch of the new iPhone, in this case iPhone 16.

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