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The Google Pixel 6a, with Tensor, improved camera and extreme battery saving mode

Meet the Xperia 10 IV from Sony. An everyday phone

We always find it difficult to briefly summarize Sony phones because they have so much technology. But apparently Sony itself thinks so too because this video about the Xperia 1 IV lasts 7 minutes

New promotional video for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3. Let's Get Ready To Flex!

Google gives first look of Pixel 7 Pro with a revamped camera bar made entirely of aluminum and a 2nd generation Tensor processor

This is a welcome surprise! Google is already showing off the Pixel 7! Doesn't come until the fall of 2022 but already on display. What do you think of it?

Of course, you'll shoot beautiful pictures with it, but the Xiaomi 12 Pro itself is also a beautiful picture.