New Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 now officially dustproof(er)

IP48 still offers room for improvement

Samsung has announced the Galaxy Z Fold 6 with a new look and few new specifications. What we did notice while adding; the Fold 6 gets an IP rating for dustproofing for the first time.

Samsung is equipping the Galaxy Z Fold 6 with an IP rating for dustproofing for the first time. The Fold 5 already had an IP code for waterproofing, but it lacked one for protecting dust particles. The IP code came out at IP48 versus IPX8 previously.

Woman looking at unfolede Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6.
Z Fold6 now offers dust protection

The first number of the IP code says something about the amount of protection from penetrating dust. The second number is about water resistance. The higher the number, the better the protection. Level four corresponds to protection against "pointed objects" larger than 1 millimeter.

Most other Galaxy phones with an IP rating score a six which stands for "dustproof." So the Fold6 does not go that far (yet).

Already three years waterproof

Foldables are more difficult to make dust- and water-proof because of the many moving parts. Still, Samsung is getting better at protecting Galaxy Z models from dust and water. For example, starting with the Fold 3 Galaxy Z Fold, the Galaxy Z Fold is waterproof.

Teenagers playing with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6.
Caution remains

It will be some time before a Galaxy Z phone is as dust-resistant as other Galaxy phones. And despite the IP48 rating, we still advise against using the device around the beach. Sand settling between a slamming screen can cause scratches, or worse.

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