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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 in the news

ts Samsung Fold5 Render Smartprix

Product renders show thinner Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

Rumors ·

It has taken a remarkably long time, but the first sketches of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 are finally in. These product drawings clearly show how much thinner the device looks when folded, thanks to the new teardrop hinge.

The images come from @onleaks and SmartPrix. As is often the case with @onleaks, these are homemade renders based on leaked factory drawings. It is a pity that an image of the Fold 5 from the side is missing. Only then could we have properly seen how much thinner the device is?

Render of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 by @onleaks and SmartPrix
This is what the Galaxy Z Fold 5 should look like

Observant readers already noticed that the design is not much different from the current Galaxy Z Fold4. The device is still elliptical, relatively narrow, and has three cameras on the back that are placed loosely on the body. The dimensions also don't differ much; 154.9mm long versus 155.1mm before.

New hinge

When folded, the Fold 5 is much thinner, something because the device can be folded completely flat. This has been made possible by the new teardrop hinge that the Fold5 features.

The current Fold4 cannot fold completely flat. A small gap always remains visible. Xiaomi solved that with the Mix Fold 2. Thanks to a new hinge, the screen takes the shape of a drop when folded. Samsung now seems to be following that same design.

Unpacked 2023

Samsung may announce the Z Fold 5 at the same time as the Z Flip 5 sometime this fall. Usually sometime in August, but it is possible that this Unpacked event will be brought forward to late July.

ts Samsung Display Prototype Gapless Hinge

Samsung may launch Galaxy Z Fold 5 earlier than expected

Rumors ·

Almost every year, Samsung holds an Unpacked event at set times. One at the beginning of the year for the Galaxy S series and one in the fall for the Galaxy Z series. The latter may come a bit earlier, perhaps even in the summer. And the reason for this is strange.

Because according to reports from Sammobile, Samsung is considering bringing forward the launch of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5 due to the arrival of the Google Pixel Fold. Even a date is mentioned; July 25.

Lifestyle picture showing the Galaxy Z Fold 4 in Beige.
Samsung currently dominates the foldable market

Why Samsung is getting so spooked by Google is beyond us. Samsung has been announcing foldables for years, and some competitors are doing the same. Still, Samsung dominates the foldable market and wants to keep it that way. Samsung is therefore considering not making potential Galaxy Z customers wait any longer than necessary, especially after Google released their Pixel Fold in late June.

Unpacked in South Korea

July sounds early, but it is only a few weeks earlier than Samsung usually announces new Galaxy Z models. For example, the Fold 4 was announced on Aug. 10. Also different is where Samsung is holding its Unpacked event. According to reports, Samsung is considering doing so in Busan, South Korea.

Z Fold5 dimensions

Meanwhile, we also hear more and more about the appearance of the Z Fold 5. For example, we previously heard that Samsung plans to use a gapless hinge. This will result in a flatter device, possibly even millimeters thinner than before.

Samsung Display showing off a device with a gapless hinge
Samsung Display previously showed a prototype with a 'gapless hinge' (below)

The other dimensions of the Fold 5 are 154.9 x 129.9 x 6.1mm unfolded and 154.9 x 67.1 x 13.4mm when folded, according to @UniverseIce. The weight is expected at 254 grams. Compared to the Fold 4, however, all that is marginal, so we are talking about a few external differences.

Other differences Fold5

What other differences the Z Fold5 holds is still unclear. It also remains to be seen whether the new hinge will be enough to bring in new customers. The price remains the be the same, so it still is expensive. We will have to wait and see, but fortunately, we will hear about it earlier than expected.

ts Samsung Fold5 Vs Fold4 Thepixel

"Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 has a crease-free display"

Rumors ·

Samsungs plans for the next Galaxy Z Fold are to minimize the visibility of the crease, improve the cameras and integrate an S Pen. To get a seamless screen, Samsung is looking to adopt a new type of hinge. And that brings more benefits than just a non-visible crease.

If you look at a folded Z Fold 4 from the bottom, you will notice that the two halves do not lie flat on each other. The Z Fold 5 will close flush, and that is all due to the use of a new hinge. Some competitors also use this waterdrop-shaped hinge, but Samsung now has its own.

Korean patent showing Samsungs dumbbell hinge design for the Fold 5
Earlier assigned patent for a water-drop hinge

This so-called Dumbbell Hinge ensures a nearly smooth screen once unfolded, according to The Pixel. They still expect a screen diagonal of 7.6 inches, but the dimensions change. So expect a taller and less wide phone, reversing the path the Fold 4 has made.

Foundly improved cameras

Another issue Samsung plans to focus on is an improved camera. The resolution is going up from 50 to 108 megapixels, which should bring performance in line with current flagships. Something that is currently not the case. The zoom camera is also getting an upgrade, namely a 64MP sensor with 2x optical zoom. Curiously, that's less than the current 3x.

Expected dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 compared to the Fold 4

Integrated S Pen

Samsung is said to have found space to hold an S Pen. With the Note series gone, you currently only find an integrated pen on the S22 Ultra. The current Fold can also handle pen input but does not yet offer a place to store it. However, a separate case is available, which makes an already large device even larger.

There have been rumors for some time that the Fold will have an integrated S Pen. Samsung supposedly experimented with it during the development of the Fold 4 but eventually gave up on it. Samsung still has some time to make a final decision. The Fold 5 is not expected until the fall of 2023.


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