This page gives you information on how to contact us.

Get in Contact

We would ask you to read the following if you want to get in contact with the staff of We have given some examples of questions where we can and cannot give you an answer to.

When can we give you an answer?

If you have one or more of the following questions we can help you;

  • Mistakes, tips and/or suggestions.
    Did you find something on our website that is not working? Do you have a tip or suggestion to improve our website? You are free to send us an email to tips @

  • Questions about advertising on
    For questions about advertising on our website you can contact us at ads @

  • Press Releases
    It is possible to send us your press releases. You can send all your press releases about mobile related products and or services to press @

When can we not give you an answer?

We can not answer the following questions, therefore a brief explanation is given. We apologize for this and hope to have your understanding.

  • Questions about when a mobile is available.
    Unfortunately we do not have the exact information about when the mobile phones become available. We can only give you an indication, which is done through our website. But to be and stay the first to hear when a mobile phone gets available you can sign in for the phone reminder mailing on our website, on the pages of individual phones. You will receive an e-mail from us when the phone is available in stores.We want to advise against you getting in contact with the supplier.They usually also do not have this sort of information.

  • Questions about mobile phone prices.
    Every webshop can choose its own selling price in combination with every arbitrary subscription. Phone prices, especially in combination with a subscription, is very specific and differs all the time. Therefore, we advise you to go to the webshops that are linked to mobile phones on our website. They are specialised in giving prices on their websites.
    Prices of phones that aren't available yet are unfortunately not known beforehand.

  • Questions about accessories.
    On our website different webshops are put that sell all sorts of accessories.

  • Questions about if we don't have more information about mobile phones.
    All information we have about the different mobile phones is placed on our website.

  • Questions about subscriptions or operators. is specialised in providing information about mobile phones. Information about subscriptions can be found at the webshops that are mentioned on our website. For more information about operators we advise you to get in contact with the relevant operator.