It's been a while since Samsung announced an -s phone, but that may soon change. For evidence of the Galaxy M55s' existence has in fact surfaced. Where and how read here.

We have to go back to the Galaxy A05s from August 2023, if we want to find the last Galaxy -s phone. And in the Galaxy M series, we even have to go back to 2020. But change seems to be on the way as the Wi-Fi Alliance has just given its blessing and approval to the Galaxy M55s.

Samsung Galaxy M55s Wi-Fi certificate.
Wi-Fi certificate of the SM-M558

At least, that's what Sammobile thinks. Because nowhere on the certificate is there any mention of the Galaxy M55s.

However, the certificate does mention type number SM-M558. This number virtually borders on the type number of the current Galaxy M55 which usually signals that it is an -s model.

Wi-Fi 6 and Dual SIM

Yet this fact raises more questions than answers. What difference does the M55s offer over the current Galaxy M55? What are the specifications of the device with type number SM-M558? Other than that it has Dual SIM support and can handle Wi-Fi 6 on the 2.4 and 5GHz band?

And then the question remains; will this Samsung Galaxy M55s come out anywhere just like happened with the Galaxy M55 at the time?

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All questions to which we owe you the answer. We hope to hear from Samsung soon and then of course we'll bring it to you here as soon as possible.

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