Samsung Galaxy A05s

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Samsung Galaxy A05s (A057)
Samsung Galaxy A05s black front left side
Samsung Galaxy A05s black front right side
Samsung Galaxy A05s black left side
Samsung Galaxy A05s black overview
Samsung Galaxy A05s black back keft
Samsung Galaxy A05s black back right side
Samsung Galaxy A05s black back
Samsung Galaxy A05s black right side
Samsung Galaxy A05s green back
Samsung Galaxy A05s silver back

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Country flag UK United Kingdom £ 109.00 GBP 109
Country flag NL The Netherlands € 125.00 EUR 125
Country flag DE Germany € 129.90 EUR 129.9
Country flag VL Belgium (Flanders) € 154.40 EUR 154.4
Country flag FR France € 154.90 EUR 154.9

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Samsung Galaxy A05s product details

For a cheap phone, the Samsung Galaxy A05s has an exceptionally large screen. It measures a spacious 6.7 inches and displays a sharp image with Full HD+ resolution. The A05s has three cameras on the back, but only the 50MP primary camera is worth mentioning. Finally, the battery capacity is OK, as is the 25W charging speed.

Samsung Galaxy A05s black overview

Pro and cons Samsung Galaxy A05s

  • Affordable price
  • Large, crisp display
  • Spacious 5000mAh battery + 25W charging
  • Playfully designed
  • Despite Snapdragon processor, not the fastest

Most important Samsung Galaxy A05s specifications

Dimensions 168 x 77.8 x 8.8 mm
Weight 194 grams
Item ID SM-A057
EAN code 8806095268613, 8806095268507, 8806095268453, 8806095268439, 8806095268408, 8806095268378, 8806095268354, 8806095268309, 8806095268286, 8806095268248, 8806095268231
Fingerprint recognition
Operating system
Color display 6.7 inch, Infinity V FHD+, notch
Camera 2 MP, 2 MP, 50 MP
Processor 1.9 GHz, 2.4 GHz, octa core
Secondary camera 13 MP
Dual SIM
Data network
4G (LTE)
Build-in memory
Internal memory 4 GB (Size (RAM)), 128 GB (Storage), 64 GB (Storage)
Power supply
Battery 5000 mAh
Fast charging

All Samsung Galaxy A05s specifications

Alternatives of the Samsung Galaxy A05s

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Samsung Galaxy A05s (A057)
Google Pixel 6 Pro (GLUOG)
Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G
Google Pixel 7 Pro (GP4BC)
Xiaomi 12 Pro

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 Current product    
Fingerprint recognition
Color display6.7 inch, Infinity V FHD+, notch6.7 inch, OLED, hole-punch display6.55 inch, DotDisplay, hole-punch display6.7 inch, OLED, hole-punch display6.73 inch, DotDisplay, hole-punch display
Camera2 MP, 2 MP, 50 MP12 MP, 48 MP, 50 MP5 MP, 64 MP, 8 MP12 MP, 48 MP, 50 MP50 MP, 50 MP, 50 MP
Processor1.9 GHz, 2.4 GHz, octa coreGoogle Tensor, octa core2.4 GHz, Qualcomm Snapdragon 780G, octa coreGoogle Tensor G2, octa core1.8 GHz, 2.5 GHz, 3.0 GHz, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, octa core
Secondary camera13 MP11.1 MP20 MP10.8 MP32 MP
Dual SIM
4G (LTE)
Internal memory4 GB (Size (RAM)), 128 GB (Storage), 64 GB (Storage)12 GB (Size (RAM)), 128 GB (Storage), 256 GB (Storage), 512 GB (Storage)6 GB (Size (RAM)), 8 GB (Size (RAM)), 128 GB (Storage)12 GB (Size (RAM)), 128 GB (Storage), 256 GB (Storage), 512 GB (Storage)12 GB (Size (RAM)), 8 GB (Size (RAM)), 128 GB (Storage), 256 GB (Storage)
Battery5000 mAh5003 mAh4250 mAh5000 mAh4600 mAh
Fast charging

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