This page informs you about RSS in general and the RSS-feeds that are made available by NewMobile.

What is RSS?

RSS is a internet standard to keep users up-to-date about for example the latest news. An advantage is that a computer program, like your internet browser, can interpret this content. For example, there is a clear separation between the head of an article, a link and the tekst itself.

What is a RSS feed?

We talk about a RSS feed when a tekst document with its lay-out get's frequently refreshed.

What can you do with RSS?

RSS makes the exchange of content easy. A computer can ask for the tekst document, interpret it and present it in a particular manner to the user.

Where are the RSS-feeds of NewMobile?

NewMobile offers different RSS-feeds to the users. You can 'subscribe' yourself to the feeds that have your interest. You only need to copy-paste the URL below into your RSS-reader to stay up-to-date with the latest mobile phone news!

Do you have questions about the RSS-feeds of NewMobile?

Do you have despite the description above still some questions about the RSS-feeds of NewMobile or do you have a good tip or suggestion for us? You are always free to send us an e-mail to tips @