Useful tips to save data

Mobile operators worldwide are shifting away from contracts that promise dataplans without limit. Time to have a good look at your own datatransfer. NewMobile's here to help.

1. Ask your boss for is WPA-key

Mobile internet is useful. However, most of use spend many our at the same place every day. Most of the time, we are home or at work. Great chanche that you have a wireless connection available at both places. So use it. Configure your smartphone to use your wireless connection. It's faster than your mobile connection in most cases.

Iphone wpa setup 02

Now that you use wifi at home, it's time for the next step: Go to your boss and ask his WPA-key. Connect to his network, and burn his dataplan. Take care with the sites that you visit, there's a slight change the cousin of your boss, who works at systemmanagement, is watching you!

2. Messaging

Most mobile phones have applications for Twitter, Facebook and E-mail. Nice and Easy, but do they need to refresh every five minutes? It's better to adjust the update frequency, depending on your wishes. Then we have push mail. Many phones support it, but is requires a data connection to be open permanently. Switch it off, and replace it with a standard setting with an update frequency. When you're outside your country, switch of updating e-mail, twitter and facebook entirely, as using data over the border is very expensive.

Youtube browse videos
YouTube: Don't do it.

3. Streaming

The trua data-eater: Streaming. An average YouTube video takes over 20Mb of data. That takes you to your monthly limit quickly. Our Advise: Just don't do it. Unless you are at home or at work, but remember that the above mentioned cousin of the boss may be watching you.

Less severe is streaming audio, but also when listening online radio or using an application like Spotify, you can exceed your data limit. It's better to find a phone with a built-in radio. That's still free.

4. Opera Mini

Websites are becoming larger and larger. Developers have no need to take slow connection into their account. Broadband is growing everywhere, and so are websites. That's fine, but not when you're on a phone with a dataplan. The Norweging developers of the Opera browser have a solution: Opera mini. It's available for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and many other platforms. You can get it in teh application market of your mobile OS, or at, but don't download t over a mobile connection.

Opera Mini

Opera mini doesn't immediately show the websites, but first loads it into the server of Opera, which make it smaller, and then display the smaller site. This technique saves data and, if the website has been loded by Opera before, time.

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