Ex-employee of Nokia complains about corporate culture

At Nokia, the internal relationships between hardware and software enigineer are not so well, says an ex-employee. He complaints that the hardware team rules Nokia, which results in troubles now and then.

"The software is written by the software groups inside of Nokia, and it is then given to the hardware group, which gets to decide what software goes on the device, and the environment in which it runs. (...) It was not uncommon for us to give them code that ran perfectly by their own test, only to have them do things like reduce the available memory for the software to 25% the specified allocation, and then point the finger back at software when things failed in the field.", syas the expert.


The words of the ex-employee point a bigger troubles than the Finnish company wishes to admit. In a short period, two managers of the company announced that they would leave Nokia. One of them, CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, was replaced by a man who used to work for Microsoft. A software company, that is. Maybe the first signs of change of corporate culture?

Source: Daringfireball.net

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