Nokia N8 delayed until November?

Dutch telecomprovider says on Twitter that Nokia N8 will be delayed until November due to software problems. The delay is said to be worldwide.

The Symbian^3-handset was demonstrated to the public at the Nokia World event in London last week, without saying a word about a possible delay. The Nokia N8 before was scheduled to be available in the first weeks of October.

Hi tweet

(translated) Bad news: Nokia N8 delayed until November due to (worldwide) software errors. More news to come, also for people who made a reservation.


The Indian Symbian beta-tester Gaurav Hasabnis brought the news earlier this day. His tweet was mentioned in an article on Slashgear, in which Nokia denies the delay. We asked Nokia for a comment ourselves, but they've given no answer yet.

Tweet n8 2

Later than Windows Phone 7

If the Nokia N8 comes in November, the handset possibly comes later than the first phones with Windows Phone 7. Windows Phone 7 was finished some time ago. Manufacturers are now finishing their first phone. The quickest of them may come to the American market with a Windows Phone 7 Phone in November.

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