This is the OnePlus Concept One with disappearing cameras

OnePlus finally showed the Concept One during the CES. A concept phone with disappearing cameras. Not a word about a possible launch date. No wonder because it may never come.

The purpose of concept phones is to show the world what is possible. And fair is fair; making cameras disappear behind electrochromatic glass is something we haven't seen before. OnePlus applies this technique that we have seen in bathroom doors and luxury supercars. In 'normal' condition you see black matt glass, when electricity is applied the glass becomes clear. But OnePlus uses the glass more just to disguise.

The glass can also become semi-transparent. This makes it look as if you are looking through sunglasses. In photography this is also called an ND filter (or grey filter). Ideal for very sunny conditions. Changing the glass is done in just 0.7 seconds. The back is also provided with stitched leather, something we saw earlier with the LG G4. We recognise the orange Papaya colour from McLaren, with whom OnePlus also worked on this concept. In fact, OnePlus copied the whole idea of electrochromatic glass from the McLaren 570GT, which is available with an optional electrochromatic roof.

ND filter

Furthermore, the OnePlus Concept One is primarily a OnePlus 7T Pro with pop-up self-image camera and 6.7 inch curved Fluid AMOLED screen. As said, running to the store makes little sense because the Concept One will most likely not come out. Of course you can always buy the 7T Pro (or the 7T Pro McLaren). However, we sincerely hope that other manufacturers will adopt certain ideas from this concept phone. Especially the ND filter seems useful to us.

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