Robin Mobile changes name to Budget Mobile

Robin Mobile changes name to Budget Mobile

Robin Mobile gets a new name; Budget Mobile. Parent company Nuts Groep provides even more services under the name Budget, including electricity, gas, TV and fixed telephony. Mobile calls are now also added, which means that the name Robin Mobile will no longer be used.

Robin Mobile distinguishes itself by subscriptions with unlimited bundles. Everything is included in the price so you can never get over your bundle and will be charged for high costs. Robin Mobile uses the KPN telephone network for this purpose. From 17 January, Robin Mobile customers will be converted to Budget Mobile. Customers will notice little of the change except that the Robin Mobile app will be replaced by the Budget Mobile app.

Combination discount

However, 'old' Robin Mobile customers can now qualify for a combination discount. By combining Budget Mobiel with Budget Energie or Budget Alles-in-1 they receive a 5 euro combination discount. Customers who buy everything from Budget are eligible for even more discounts.

If you have any questions about the name change, please visit This is where the most frequently asked questions are answered.

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