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This new device of Palm is probably the most interesting device since the introduction of the iPhone; the Pre. The device seems to be ahead of its competition thanks to its sex-appeal. So, lets give you some new facts.

What about a European 3G version of the Palm Pre? And what is going to be its price? How do we get the applications and can we even navigate with it?

Price and availability
Some things got clear during the announcement of the Palm Pre: the device is meant exclusively for American Sprint users. But they aren't that stupid at Palm and so there are plans to produce also a UMTS/HSDPA version besides a CDMA version meant for the European market. According to Paul Ghent, Vice President Sales Palm Europe, we can expect the Palm Pre to be available somewhere in the second half of this year. This is indeed later than the Americans, but still quicker than the time we had to wait for the iPhone. The price is expected to be between 375 and 425 euros, for an unlocked version. This suggests that Palm is going to offer the Pre without a cooperation with a telecom provider on the European market. Apparently, Palm has looked at the problems Apple faced in Europe with the cooperation with several providers.

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App Store
Like they did with the iPhone and with the future Android devices, Palm is also opening its own App Store; the App Catalog. Handy programmers can write their own applications thanks to the soon available Mojo SDK. Applications for the webOS operating system will mainly contain all sorts of grafic possibilities of the Pre. Perhaps a disappointment for programmers that normally rather use more powerful low-level functions.

This means for users that they can download applications through the App Catalog. The availability and offer of applications will probably be huge because the web applications are written very easily and simple. A disadvantage is the fact that the applications, like grafic games that need a lot of computing power, wil probably not be available any soon. So, if you're looking for an alternative for your PSP you might just better switch to the iPhone.

We already know that the Palm Pre has a built-in GPS receiver, but we haven't seen the navigation features yet. Until today.

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Navigate with the Palm Pre

The image shows the only navigation software of Sprint. Europeans have to wait for a different solution, since Europeans can not use the "Sprint Navigation". Perhaps that other providers like Wayfinder will come with their own versions for the Pre.

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