NewMobile, a new way of comparing and finding your mobile phone

NewMobile is a new player in the market of mobile phone comparison and mobile phone information.

From the beginning of 2002 NewMobile (NieuweMobiel.NL) has been the leading company and website on mobile phone comparison in the Dutch region. The website founded by a small number of people is a succes in providing accurate information in relation to mobile phones, mobile phone specifications and new introductions of mobile products.

During the last years several major items have be added to the website which secured a fine and constant database of more than 1000 mobile phones in the Dutch region. Next to this database a new system of reviews was provided to the Dutch user to improve the awareness and information about certain mobile products. Until this day more than 80 reviews of several products, accessories and navigation products have been added so far.

Now a new step is made. The english version of the successfull Dutch website! This new initiative is provided to you the user, which will be able to use the complete website and find your new mobile phone.

On this new website you will find more than 1300 mobile phones, more than 70 brands and 200 details. These numbers make it the largest European mobile phones database all to your disponsal.

A quick guide throughout our website is given below:

The brands page shows you all the different make of mobile phone and also the latest added assortment of phones.

On the search page you will find the latest mobile device that meets your needs. Including phones with a simple camera, to phones with a specific operating system or specification. Each search will give a clear view of your needs. Each phone you find, is also specially displayed in a percentage rating system.

Have you got a few devices that you would like to compare? Check out the comparison tool, which is very easy to use. The tool will allow you to compare upto three devices.

NewMobile hopes to support you with good suggestions and a nice outcome for you the consumer. We hope that we can provide you with accurate information and quick information about new products, information and new product previews.

Any suggestions are welcome in the future. Feel free to contact us via the link below.

The NewMobile team.

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