Motorola Moto G85 price tag appeared, device itself not yet

An unannounced phone usually reveals itself through images, specifications or sometimes an insider rumor. Rarely is the future price the first thing we hear. And yet that is what we now know about the still unofficial Motorola Moto G85.

Three hundred euros, that's what the future Moto G85 5G should cost. And that is not entirely coincidentally the same price that its predecessor came out for at the time; the Moto G84 5G.

Motorola Moto G85 5G price tag
Price tag of the Moto G85 5G

The above image appeared at a European webshop and was discovered by Deal N Tech. According to the source, the Motorola Moto G85 5G will appear in a 12+256GB version. Its predecessor also came to market in this configuration.

G85 5G specs

Other specifications of the Moto G85 5G are lacking although it is obvious that they are in line with those of the G84 5G. Now we could list those but better to wait until Lenovo makes the device official.

When this happens is just not yet known. The G84 came out in September of 2023, so an announcement may be a while away.


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