Nokia 2660 Flip gets new colors; Pop Pink and Lush Green

HMD Global is releasing two new colors for the Nokia 2660 Flip. A bit more color is always welcome, as the flip phone was first only available in black and dark blue. However, with the colors Pop Pink and Lush Green, the device stands out a bit more.

Flip phones are on the rise. You used to see this design a lot more often, but since the advent of the smartphone, it has faded into obscurity. Too bad because it offers so many advantages. Hanging up annoying phone calls is very satisfying, and folding it shut results in a compact device.

Woman holding the Nokia 2660 Flip in the new color Pop Pink
Nokia 2660 Flip in striking Pop Pink

Another advantage of phones like the Nokia 2660 Flip is that they can't do as much as a smartphone. How is that an advantage? In a world where just about everyone is addicted to their phones, you can detox from the fast-paced world of social media with a 2660 Flip. So instead of checking your mobile every two minutes, look around you. From Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) to Joy Of Missing Out (JOMO).

Pop Pink and Lush Green

And that joy can soon be enjoyed in two new colors; striking 'Pop Pink' and botanic 'Lush Green.' Two striking colors that add some color to your daily life.

Lifestyle photos showing the Nokia 2660 Flip in Lush Green
Nokia 2660 Flip in Lush Green

The Nokia 2660 Flip in Pop Pink is available right now; the Lush Green version will follow soon. Prices remain the same. By doing so, HMD Global hopes that cutting down on your screen time will be even more accessible and better match your style and outfit.

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