Galaxy AI focuses on battery from Samsung Galaxy S25 onward

Battery AI should provide 10% longer battery life

Samsung scored high with its AI software during the introduction of the Galaxy S24 series. It inspired many other telecom companies to come up with something similar. Samsung, meanwhile, is already looking at improvements and thinks it has found them for optimizing battery life.

Because rumor has it that Samsung will expand Galaxy AI from the Galaxy S25 to include Battery AI. This should improve battery life by at least 10%. That applies to the S25, the S25+ and the S25 Ultra.

Galaxy AI Is Here poster.
What will Galaxy AI bring us soon?

Exactly how AI is going to ensure 10% more battery is unclear. Consider that many current phones already employ similar techniques to extend battery life. Consider Adaptive Battery which is built into Android itself.

Multiple methods

There are more ways to get longer battery life. A larger battery, for example. And a new processor usually consumes less, though those gains are usually offset by additional features. So there are more ways that lead to Rome.

To older Galaxy phones as well

Should Samsung succeed in using Battery AI to extend battery life, it would be nice if this feature rolled out to older Galaxy phones as well. Whether those plans are in place is still unclear. Galaxy AI was also rolled out to older Galaxy S and Z models.

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