HTC launches new mobile in mid-June

Although the number of available HTC phones is declining, this does not prevent HTC from throwing in the towel. They have announced a press event for Tuesday 16 June. Possibly we will see the already leaked HTC Desire 20 Pro.

HTC's story is not a very happy one. The early years were very promising, but lately things have been going so badly that we're wondering, sometimes out loud, whether it's just better to pull the plug. Fortunately, HTC is just as stubborn as we are and they persevere. Something we can appreciate. Whether the same goes for this HTC Desire 20 Pro remains to be seen.

HTC launch

So we might see him during a press event in Taiwan on Tuesday 16 June 2020. Reportedly, the Desire 20 Pro is an Android 10 smartphone with punch-hole display and multiple cameras on the back. The device is powered by a Snapdragon 665 which doesn't sound very 'Pro' to us. Only if the price is competitive enough we see a bright future for this device.

Familiar, specs not

Renders of the device appeared earlier this year, so we roughly know what it looks like. However, many specifications are still unknown. For example, we still don't know how large the screen is. We'll undoubtedly learn that next week, and HTC will reveal a little more about its future plans (or lack thereof).


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