Motorola announces new smartphones on Sept. 14

Motorola has sent a mailing stating it will announce new smartphones on September 14. Which ones exactly is still unknown, but they will certainly make a "splash," according to the manufacturer.

Let the speculation begin because what models are Motorola hinting at? We usually see future Motorola phones in our rumors section, but not this time. Though, we guess that on September 14, we will see the launch of the Moto G54. While that device has already been announced, it's only in China.

Invitation for Motorola Make A Splash event on September 14.
New Motorola smartphones on September 14

The Moto G54 appears to be coming out in some eye-catching colors, which is a reference to the event's "make a splash" slogan. Like the G53, the G54 promises to be a competitively priced smartphone with 5G support and a smooth 120Hz display.

"Multiple smartphones"

Should Motorola indeed announce the G54 on September 14, the question remains as to which phones will follow. Indeed, the mailing Motorola sent around talks about several smartphones. All are "designed to love and last."

Three colors of the Motorola Moto G54 5G
Moto G54 in three colors

Whether this refers to an extended update policy or a long battery life becomes clear on Thursday, September 14. Of course, we will keep you updated immediately after announcements are made.

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