Nokia G42 5G now also available in pink

Those interested in a Nokia G42 can now order the 5G device in pink starting today. The largely self-repairable device was previously available only in gray and purple.

HMD Global announced the G42 5G on June 28 of 2023. What is special about this device is its high level of repairability. For example, you can replace the screen yourself should it be broken. Parts for this are available from iFixit. A new screen sets you back €49.95; if you also need tools for this, it should cost €54.95.

Woman holding the new Nokia G42 5G in Pink
The Nokia G42 5G in So Pink

In addition to new displays, you can change the battery, charging port, and back cover yourself. The now-announced pink back is not yet available from iFixit, but hopefully, that will change soon. Buyers of a pink G42 5G get a 50MP triple camera and a 5000mAh battery with three days of battery life in addition to a repairable phone. The recommended retail price is 249 euros, but we already see lower prices.

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