Asus P565 smartphone; stylish and quick

Asus has announced the new Asus P565 smartphone last week: an elegeant designed speed monster. With its built-in 800 MHz processor and 2.8 inch VGA resolution touchscreen makes the P565 ideal for multimedia applications!

Asus is calling the P565 "ultra stylish and ultra strong". These words are not haughty at all, especially when you realize that the new Asus P565 has a 800 MHz powerful Marvell PXA930 processor. The display is also quite impressive; the 2.8 inch touchscreen can handle a VGA resolution. That are 480 x 640 pixels! The P565 also has the new Glide interface of Asus, the same spec that has been placed on the P522w. Glide can recognize zooming, selecting, scrolling and flipping acts.

Asus P565 smartphone; stijlvol en snel
New and quick Asus P565

The quick processor can amongst other things be used for the additing of documents and for watching of videos. You can even do those two things at the same time! The back of the device is mainly covered with leather that makes the P565 not only quick but also stylish.

The price and the date of sale are not yet known.

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