Apple passes Samsung for new processor

Rumors that Apple passes Samsung in making the new processor for smartphones and tablets appear to be true. We reported on this earlier on. More sources now confirm the story.

Samsung makes the processor thaqt is used in the iPhone 4 used, but is now replaced by TSMC, a Taiwanese company. Reason for the change, are the long-standing legal disputes between Apple and Samsung. The companies currently have a special relationship, while lawyers from Apple and Samsung competitors accuse of commiting infringement of patents, Samsung is a major supplier of Apple.

2011226 3 inch sic wafer

Apple would rather not depend on a supplier who is also a competitor, and therefore prefers to let the new processor be produced by a company that has no direct interest in the smartphone market. According to Digitimes, the contracts for making the A6-processor, which will power the iPhone 6 and iPad 3, are already signed. The iPhone 5 will probably have a processor made by Samsung.