Apple Vision Pro available from Feb. 2, available for preorder Jan. 19

Apple says the era of Spatial Computing is upon us. The Apple Vision Pro is available for preorder starting Jan. 19 and will be available Feb. 2, but only in the US.

Apple announced the Vision Pro glasses at its WWDC event in Cupertino on June 6, 2023. The highly anticipated glasses will be in all U.S. Apple Stores starting Feb. 2 but can also be purchased online. However, people with eyeglasses are advised to visit a physical store. They will need corrective lenses from Zeiss that cost at least $99 extra.

Apple Vision Pro available on Feb. 2
Apple Vision Pro soon to use itself

Apple's glasses cost $3499, yet expectations are still high, especially at Apple. It worked for many years on the device and the accompanying visionOS operating system. This system combines the apps we know from the iPhone and iPad with the physical world. Controlling is done via hands, eyes, and speech.

Similar to other VR glasses

The Apple Vision Pro differs from other glasses by the display in front. This shows the user's eyes (EyeSight mode) when the user can be disturbed or shows a blurry animation when they are immersed in the virtual world. According to Apple, the Vision Pro is ideal for productivity, multimedia, and gaming. To date, the latter, in particular, has been a reason for people to purchase VR glasses. Whether users are also willing to pay large amounts of money for those first two options remains to be seen.

Apple Vision Pro with EyeSight mode on
Lovely romantic evening together on the couch

Apple Vision Pro in the Netherlands

Apple will begin taking orders on Jan. 19 and start delivery on Friday, Feb. 2. When we will see the glasses outside the U.S. is unknown; Apple is not making any statements about that. The starting price is $3499, and you get 256GB of storage. Finally, you can choose between a Solo Knit or Dual Loop band.

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