Foldable Apple iPhone Flip seems further away than ever

The first consumer foldable hit the market in 2018, and some manufacturers have released successors every year. Samsung, for example, is now on its sixth generation foldable, learning something new every year. Those waiting for a foldable with iOS must be patient for a while.

Those looking for a foldable have two options: Android or HarmonyOS. Some flip open like an old-fashioned clamshell, others open like a book. Rollable foldables and foldables consisting of three parts are reportedly in the works. But a foldable from Apple seems further away than ever.

Foldable iPhone by YouTuber Technology Esthetics
Foldable iPhone created by Technology Esthetics (YouTube)

Not that Apple isn't working on it, on the contrary. However, after extensive testing, the technology does not yet meet Apple's high standards. So says a report by Fixed Focus Digital. Apple reportedly bought and tested some Samsung foldables but concluded that it would be better to wait a little longer.

Does not yet meet Apple's standard

Why Apple has shelved the idea for now, the report does not say. But possibly, it has to do with the durability of folding screens. It's no secret that these screens are more fragile than tempered glass screens. The plastic screen protector is also prone to loosening or tearing, resulting in additional costs.

Apple may wait until the technology is mature enough to fix this problem. Until then, don't expect a 'One More Thing' during Apple's next Keynote. If you want to try a foldable in the meantime, you'll have to make do with Android.

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