Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro breaks during bend test

Asus knows better than anyone how to make gaming phones. The ROG Phones impress with their smooth displays, excellent heat dissipation, and impressive performance. Yet they don't appear to be very strong. So please don't sit on them.

JerryRigEverthing's tests are legendary. This popular YouTuber is building a bunker in his backyard and has time left to test phones. On durability, that is. A recurring test is the bending test, and that is precisely where the ROG Phone 8 Pro fails.

Of course, you want your $1,200 phone to last as long as possible. So it's good to learn that the ROG Phone 8 Pro survives the scratch test effortlessly. Arriving at the bend test, things get less pretty. After considerable force, the back of the device breaks, yet the screen survives.

Not the first time

Asus has a bad reputation when it comes to the bend test. The ROG Phone 5 and 6 even broke in half. It's not that bad this time with the ROG Phone 8 Pro, where only the glass back cover seems to break. As a result, the device will no longer be waterproof, and who knows what it will do with the AniMe Vision LED lighting?

Our advice would be to not sit on it. Or use the specially developed DEVILCASE Guardian case. This is even compatible with the included AeroActive Cooler X and allows you to play for longer.

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