Mid-range Nothing Phone 2a comes out March 5, 2024

Nothing told when it will reveal the Nothing Phone 2a. Please mark Tuesday, March 5, in your calendars because at 12:30 CEST, Nothing will add a new chapter to its history.

In a video 'Nothing' posted on its website, Nothing stated that while the Nothing Phone 2 is for tech-savvy users, the Nothing 2a will be for the average user. Thus, the 2a promises to be a mid-range phone. Even more so than the Nothing Phone 1 was at the time.

Nothing Phone (2a) launch announcement
Nothing Phone (2a) is coming

And although the Phone (2a) will be simpler, 'Nothing' does not want to simplify two things: the performance and the camera. The device will also feature the now-familiar Glyph interface with luminous elements on the back of the phone.

'Nothing' further promises that the OS will not contain advertising, as some other manufacturers of cheaper phones do.

Nothing Community Update

The arrival of the Nothing Phone 2a does not come out of the blue; the company acknowledged the phone's existence in a recently released 'Nothing Community Update.' Otherwise, the company manages to keep the device reasonably secret. Recently released images turned out to be wrong.

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