Korean media: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 gets S Pen

South Korean ETNews seems to have confirmation that the yet-to-be-announced Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be the first foldable with S Pen support. Pen support previously came to the Galaxy S series.

Samsung already hinted that the S Pen was not exclusively meant for the Galaxy Note series. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is also compatible and soon there will be support for the Galaxy Z Fold 3. This foldable phone has yet to be announced and is, in contrast to the Note and Ultra, equipped with completely different glass. Glass that is much more sensitive.

Corning Willow Glass
Ultra thin glass
Samsung seems to have managed to get the 'Ultra Thin Glass' (UTG) strong enough that the S Pen can't damage it. However, we cannot exclude the possibility that Samsung is using a different type of S Pen for the Fold 3. Not only the glass had to be changed to enable support for the S Pen, but also components such as digitizers. This recognizes and registers the pen and has to be flexible, just like the screen.

Mass production Z Fold 3

Both solutions are mature enough for production. According to ETNews, Samsung would like to begin mass production in May with a launch in the second half of 2021. A large-screen foldable would be ideal for use with an S Pen. Samsung's pen can be used not only for operating but also for drawing and writing. The larger the canvas, the easier that should be.

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