Next Apple iPhone SE may get OLED screen

It has been two years since Apple announced a new iPhone SE. The exact time sits between it and its predecessor. For the new iPhone SE, Apple is currently looking for a new screen. Apple is reportedly interested in OLED panels.

The iPhone SE (2022) still has to make do with a dated look, a tiny 4.7-inch screen, and, most importantly, an old-fashioned LCD screen. This screen technology uses backlighting, meaning the contrast isn't very high. The pixels of an OLED panel emit light by themselves, making it superior in almost all areas.

Apple iPhone OLED vs LCD
OLED on the left, LCD on the right

Apple has been using OLED in iPhones since 2017, and by 2024, they appear to have transitioned entirely to OLED. Which company Apple buys the screens from is still unknown, but Apple is reportedly considering panels from Samsung Display, BOE, and Tianma. It cannot be ruled out that Apple will eventually opt for a combination, possibly to spread risk.

iPhone SE 4: different design

Besides an OLED screen, a new iPhone SE differs in one more critical way. The design will be based on the future iPhone 16. With this, the most compact iPhone will disappear from the lineup, and fans of ultra-compact iPhones will eventually have to get used to something bigger.

Apple iPhone SE 4 render made by @MajinBuOfficial
This is what the iPhone SE 4 may look like

The launch date for an new iPhone SE is not yet set in stone. That could happen in 2024, but it cannot be ruled out that it could be pushed back to 2025. First, we have to wait for the Apple iPhone 16 to launch.

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