Sagem on Cebit 2006; five new products and one unique new device

Cebit 2006 was for Sagem a follow up of 3GSM and they showed a new set of devices; five in total. Next to this NewMobile will show you the first pictures of the not-yet introduced MY 500C clamshell.

The five devices are all ment for the mid-end range of the market in which Sagem wants to expand the upcoming months. The low-end range with prepaid packages made Sagem one of the biggest companies in that segment. Now it is time to enter the mid-end market and build up a strong marketshare.

This will be harsh to do in some countries like the Netherlands ord for instance Germany where the brand is associated with prepaid packages/devices, but in other countries it will be much easier to do due to the brandawareness.

The new devices need to increase the awareness in several countries and contain several features as a MP3 player, VGA/1.3/2.0 Mpixel camera, mini-USB connection, enough internal memory and a MiniSD memory card slot.

For more specific information about new products from Sagem check out our brandpage and all the new devices and pictures we made of the new devices.

Sagem brandpage

Sagem Cebit

Below a sort impression is given of all new devices including the first introduction of the new MY 500C clamshell that will be shown here for the first time:

Sagem MY 405X

The new 405x is a phone in the same line as the 400x series and is ment for the user who wants to have a music device in a elegant style. The stylish black and silver is enhanced by an eye-catching leather-effect design on the sides.

Sagem Communication unveils the my405X, pure elegance

Hannover, 10 March, 2006 - SAGEM Communication (SAFRAN Group) completes its ultra-slim mobile phone range with the my405X: a delight for both eyes and ears.

Style above all

With its sleek lines, the SAGEM my405X is a technological jewel. stylish and elegant, the finish quality has instant appeal. Slim (105 x 45 x 15 mm) and light (90 g), the SAGEM my405X in trendsetting stylish black and silver is enhanced by an eye-catching leather-effect design.

Sagem MY 405X

A music lover's delight

The SAGEM my405X is an attractive mobile that offers an impressive range of functions. It has an easy-to-use MP3 player. Designed to be user-friendly, you can directly access the MP3 function using the side buttons. Equipped with the latest GPRS technology, the SAGEM my405X has 64 MB of memory and a mini-USB cable that gives it a huge downloading capacity that will satisfy the most demanding music enthusiast. Another key feature: the VGA camera. Taking photos with the SAGEM my405X will quickly become a function you cannot do without thanks to the large (128 x 160 pixels, 65,000 colors) TFT display giving unbeatable quality. And for all those who wish to exchange their best pictures with friends and family, it couldn't be simpler; just send your creations by MMS.

Talkative people will be delighted by its autonomy: 3 hours talktime and 250 hours on standby. Its tri-band feature means it will follow you everywhere. The SAGEM my405X will be available from the second quarter of 2006.

Sagem MY 500X

The new 500x will be available in two versions; the 500x and 501x. The difference between the two is the availability of Bluetooth in the 501x. Listen to music, take photographs, video record/playback, and exchange media with friends and family: are the main features of the devices!

Sagem Communication presents the my500X: Fully loaded slim multimedia phone

Hannover, 9 March 2006 - Sagem Communication (SAFRAN Group) unveils the my500X, the cutting-edge of GPRS technology that plays music too! With this mobile, Sagem Communication makes it possible for everyone to get the best in top-of-the-range multimedia functions.

Listen to music, take photographs, video record/playback, and exchange media with friends and family: there's nothing you can't do!

At last, a mobile phone that gives you the latest, simple-to-use multimedia functions at a reasonable price. Would-be journalists will be delighted with its VGA camera and its 1.3 megapixel digital camera. And to make sure you get the most out of your cameras, the SAGEM my500X has a large 262,000-color TFT display (176 x 220 pixels). Why not use the MMS function to exchange photos with friends? The MP3 player is the ultimate added bonus for the music lovers. With 32 MB of memory, you can really appreciate this phone. The SAGEM my500X mini SD cardTM reader is the perfect means to complete the record library of even the most fervent music enthusiast. With the SAGEM my500X mini SD cardTM reader, listening to music is child's play. Just press the direct access buttons on the side of the phone.

Sagem MY 500X

A mobile phone with measurements to die for!

Its slim-fit size (100 x 46 x 16.5 mm) and sleek, trendsetting design will make the SAGEM my500X the star of any outing. A featherweight at just 90 g, it will slip into into any pocket. Tri-band technology means you can take it anywhere. The SAGEM my500X will be available from the second quarter of 2006.

Sagem MY 800X

The 800X was already shown on 3GSM, but on Cebit full working versions were available. The new 3G device was also introduced at Cebit 2006 to the press. The Sagem MY 800X is ideal for people who want the latest 3G functions in a compact format.

With the my800X, Sagem Communication brings you a stylish 3G phone with a real elegance!

Hannover, 9 March, 2006 - SAGEM Communication (SAFRAN Group) unveils the my800X, a 3G mobile phone that completes its multimedia range. Stylish and packed with features, this mobile is an outstanding example of cutting-edge technology.

A top model among 3G mobiles

The SAGEM my800X is ideal for people who want the latest 3G functions in a compact format. With its stunning measurements, 100 g for a slim 16 mm, the SAGEM my800X is a phone you can take anywhere. Highly ergonomic, it fits snugly in the palm of the hand to ensure optimal usability. Its sleek black and silver casing and clean lines will look good in any setting, trendy or classic. In short, a treat for mobile phone design enthusiasts.

Sagem MY 800X

Unleash the power!

The SAGEM my800X combines the best in cutting-edge multimedia technology while still being simple to use. It offers a wealth of broadband services including direct access to Internet, WAP and email functions. With this phone you can share your experiences with friends and family in real time. An ingenious bonus for important events: like buying your first home or giving your best friend a preview of your wedding dress!

Packed with features, the SAGEM my800X has two integrated cameras: a VGA camera on the front side and a 1.3 megapixel camera on the back; ideal for sharing emotions and photos, with the option of exchanging your pictures by MMS. You can also use the video-phone feature to hold long face-to- face conversations over the visual display unit. Video aficionados will be thrilled to download their favorite programs, especially as the large color display (262,000 colors) is designed to satisfy experienced users who will appreciate its high resolution at 176 x 220 pixels. This full-featured mobile also has an MP3 function for the music enthusiast out there! Its tri-band feature means you can take this mobile everywhere.

The Sagem my800X will be available from June 2006.

Sagem MY 900C

The first mid-end clamshell by Sagem is the new 900C. This 3G EDGE device is a new multimedia mobile phone with both EDGE and UMTS technology. Sagem Communication has designed the my900C for all those who wish to make the most of every possible feature of their mobile.

With the SAGEM my900C 3G EDGE mobile phone, make the most of broadband wherever you are!

Hannover, 9 March, 2006 - Sagem Communication (SAFRAN group) unveils the my900C, itís a hot new multimedia mobile phone. With both EDGE and UMTS technology, SAGEM's latest innovation lets you make the most of broadband wherever you are, on whatever network, with the best service quality available. A top-of-the-range mobile phone, the SAGEM my900C is a powerhouse of functions guaranteed to appeal to the most technology enthusiasts.

Cutting-edge technology to enhance your leisure pursuits

Sagem Communication has designed the my900C for all those who wish to make the most of every possible feature of their mobile. Designed to enhance your leisure pursuits, it has a 262,000-color QVGA display (320 x 240 pixels) giving outstanding image quality. It also has an ingenious external 262,000-color TFT LCD display (96 x 64 pixels). The SAGEM my900C has two cameras; a VGA camera to get the most out of your video calls, and a 2 megapixel camera for taking high-resolution pictures. Perfect for printing photos or exchanging them via MMS. Video telephony, MMS and email are the ideal means for users to stay in touch and share unforgettable moments with friends and family.

Sagem MY 900C

Goodbye boredom, here comes. ENTERTAINMENT!

Compact (90 x 45 x 23.5 mm), lightweight (115 g) and stylish, music lovers will now be able to indulge in listening to their favorite pieces, even with the phone closed. Easy-to-use and very straightforward, the my900C has command buttons that gives you direct access to the Music functions. Combining EDGE and UMTS technology, you can download in a flash wherever you are for unparalleled listening pleasure thanks to the phone's 8-hour autonomy. Why make do with music alone when you can have pictures too? Downloading videos, or talking with friends through video telephony are just two of the many ways of maximizing your SAGEM my900C multimedia functions. A tri-band mobile, the SAGEM my900C will follow you everywhere. And should you be feeling bored, the mobile's 3D games are ideal time fillers.

The SAGEM my900C will be available during second semester 2006.

Sagem MY 500C

This device is not yet shown or introduced by Sagem and got the first look at the new device. Relating to the specs it is quite the same as the new MY 500X/501X. The only difference are the looks and format of the new device.

Sagem MY 500C

The clamshell has a 1.3 Mpixel camera without flash, 65K internal colour screen with a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels, 262K OLED external screen with a resolution of 96 x 64 pixels, Mini-SD memory card slot, 32 MB internal memory, Bluetooth 32-tone polyphonic ringtones and internal antenna.

The new MY 500C will be available during second semester 2006.

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