NewMobile starts new initiative with background articles

Now that Cebit 2006 and 3GSM have ended, it is time to start a new initiative called Background articles.

The new initiative is ment for stories about new products, productgroups or any other mobile phone related information. Each one will explain to the user its purpose in such a way that will help you find your new mobile phone.

We will add the stories to our website in the normal newsitem list and when you want to read mutiple stories you can check our new specialised list on the renewed news page. The stories will also consist of the latest hot information about certain specifications or new companies on the market.

Some examples of the new initiative are:

- Elderly phones; a new market being explored
- Megapixel cameras; how, when and how good?
- HSDPA; the future of speed
- MobileTV; needed or just a gadget

We hope that we can support you with the latest background information on new issues in the market. Feel free to help us with good subjects in this field or any other background information users of this website could use in their advantage.

The NewMobile team

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