Oppo announces Find X2 and X2 Pro for Dutch market

Oppo has just announced its Find X2 series. 5G phones with a premium design, extra smooth screen, 5G and quick to charge battery. And on top of that, the X2 and X2 Pro come out in the Netherlands.

The Oppo Find X2 and Find X2 Pro are Oppo's most advanced smartphones ever. In the tech world, however, that's nothing new. Progress is the motto here. Oppo's Find X2 series has 5G support (which is not yet available in the Netherlands), a 120 Hz display and extra fast charging thanks to 65 Watt SuperVooc 2.0.

Oppo Find X2 series
The Oppo Find X2 series (not at true scale)

Telephone screens are becoming increasingly fluid. This is due to the higher refresh rate. Previously this was standard at 60 Hz, now companies apply 90 and sometimes even 120 Hz. By refreshing images faster, animations look smoother. Just like Retina screens in the past, it can only be seen in real life, but it is a feature that we will find more often in 2020. With Oppo for example because the AMOLED screens of both the Find X2 and the Find X2 Pro have a refresh rate of 120Hz. The press release does not make clear whether this high speed is always valid or only in specific cases or with sufficient battery as many others do.

Periscope lens

We also find stereo speakers with spacious Dolby Atmos sound and a Snapdragon 865 processor. The latter automatically means that it is suitable for 5G should it eventually become available here. On the back of the X2 Series we find three cameras; a 48 + 13 + 12 megapixel camera for the Find X2 and a 48 + 48 + 13 megapixel for the Find X2 Pro. Not only are there differences in megapixels. The X2 Pro impresses with a 13 megapixel periscope lens with 10x hybrid zoom and 60x digital zoom.

Oppo Find X2 Pro periscope lens
The Find X2 Pro with periscope lens and in Vegan Leather

The Oppo Find X2 with 256 GB of non-extendable storage memory will be available in Ceramic Black and Ocean Glass (blue) from March 19. The recommended retail price is 999 euros. The Find X2 Pro comes out with 512 GB of storage and in the colors Ceramic Black and orange Vegan Leather. Recommended price of this is a solid 1199 euro.

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