"Foldable Xiaomi Mix Flip has optical zoom"

The upcoming Xiaomi Mix Flip promises to be a foldable phone with a feature we rarely see on a flip phone. Namely, the device presumably has a camera with optical zoom.

It must be said that this is not the first time we have seen a camera with optical zoom on a foldable. That honor goes to the Huawei Pocket 2, announced in early 2024. That device was just not released worldwide. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 did, and that's what this Xiaomi Mix Flip will be mainly compared to.

Sketch of the foldable Xiaomi Mix Flip, codename Ruyi
Previous published sketch of the Xiaomi Mix Flip

But Samsung's Flip 5 does not have a camera with optical zoom. We are presumably talking about only 2x optical zoom, but let's not be ungrateful. A post about the Xiaomi Mix Flip appeared on Android Headlines, who also mention some specifications.

OmniVision camera sensors

They list a 50MP primary camera (OmniVision OV50E) and a 60MP camera (OmniVision OV60A) with a 2x optical zoom lens. Up front, we find a 32MP selfie camera using a sensor also provided by OmniVision.

Xiaomi Mix Flip Camera Specs
Found camera specs in the source code

The source further believes that the device will feature a small cover screen to display the time and notifications. Inside sits a significantly larger screen, though exactly how large is still unknown. Expect the screen to be sharp, presumably 1.5K.

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Announcement Xiaomi Mix Flip

Finally, Android Headlines makes another guess as to when Xiaomi will announce the device. It might happen in May of 2024, although this cannot be said for sure at the moment.

Image: GSMChina

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