More and more reports of arson Mobile Phone masts

"5G caused the Coronavirus"

In Great Britain several phone masts went up in flames and now the phenomenon is spreading all over the world. Some countries even warn about the dangers and emergency services that become unreachable. Dangerous but why are these masts suddenly a target?

According to the Dutch National Coordinator for Counterterrorism, several phone masts have been target to arson in recent days. Last Wednesday, a man tried to break into Leeuwarden Air Base to "remove a 5G transmitter mast". He did not get far, he was arrested immediately. Also unnecessary because in that region of the Netherlands 5G is prohibited because of possible interference with a satellite ground station used by NATO.


Dangerous too, because emergency services can become unreachable if a mast fails, as the NCTV warns. Concerns about masts and cell phone signals are not new, as we saw with the introduction of 3G and 4G but never before were masts targeted so frequent as recent days. There is a link with the claim that 5G is the cause of the coronavirus outbreak. That a virus cannot be transmitted by radiation may be clear to some people, but a number of people are not convinced.

Link with coronavirus

It would be too easy to blame all incidents on conspiracy followers. There's more to it than that. Many people are worried about the radiation that 5G will bring and the physical consequences. Concerns about cancer, for example. To date, however, no scientific research has shown that people are harmed by radiation from masts.

That's not to say that this is the end of the matter. Science is not something static, new insights are always gained. New research is therefore always necessary. Still, it will not be nice for someone who blames his physical complaints on cell tower radiation that radio waves cannot possibly be the cause. Although the conclusion "it is because of cell tower radiation" is often too easy made and moreover not based on facts.

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