Motorola razr 50 Ultra can charge at lightning speed

In not too long the Motorola razr 50 Ultra from Lenovo is expected. This new folding phone can do something no other folding phone can do yet. Namely, with 68W fast charging.

This is according to a published report by 3C. This Chinese approval body has had its hands on a copy of the razr 50 Ultra and is now reporting on it. As a result, we learn more about its future specifications.

Motorola razr 50 Ultra Foldabe Tenaa pictures
Previously published pictures of the razr 50 Ultra

Specifically, it is about how fast the Motorola razr 50 Ultra can charge. It can do so at 15, 27, 45 or 68 watts. With this, Motorola has a first. Never before could you charge a folding phone so fast.

Motorola Razr 50 Ultra (XT2451) 3C certification

From the images, we can deduce that the successor to the razr 40 ultra will get a larger 4" cover screen and a new pink/gold design. In addition, we assume Motorola will give the razr 50 ultra flagship worthy features including a new Snapdragon 8 processor.

Razr 50 series announcement

The launch of the Motorola razr 50 Ultra along with that of the razr 50 is scheduled for June 2024. In addition to 3C, the device has already appeared at other approval bodies, leaving nothing in the way of a launch.


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