Firmware Update Friday - Week 19 2012

It's time to say goodbye to some nasty old bugs! This week a firmware update for the Apple iPhone 3G S, 4 and 4S, the Nokia Lumia 710, Lumia 800 and Samsung Galaxy Note N7000.

Apple iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 en iPhone 3G S - iOS 5.1.1

A small update for all Apple devices that previously received an update to iOS 5.1, iPhone 3GS, 4 and iPhone 4S . A new version of the OS from Apple is ready to be downloaded. Apple does not release what exactly has changed in the new release. This is a security update, with some minor improvements. If your device already has been updated to iOS 5, the new update can be downloaded Over The Air If not, then you can connect your phone to iTunes for the latest version of IOS

Nokia Lumia 710 & Lumia 800 - Windows Phone 'Tango'

The Nokia Lumia 710 and Nokia Lumia 800 get an update to Windows Mobile 7.5 Commercial Release 2, better known as Windows Phone Tango. This new version offers some improvements, like better ​​multitasking. Reportedly, owners of the Lumia 710 get the update first, followed by those who own the Lumia 800. You’ll get notified when the update is ready to be downloaded, and can then use Zune or Windows Phone Connector to get the update.

Samsung Galaxy Note - Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Finally! The surprise of 2011, the remarkably well selling Samsung Galaxy Note, gets an update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. In addition, Samsung comes with a package of apps. All in all an update that is definitely worth downloading. You can check whether the update is there for your phone via the KIES software from Samsung.

Stay up to date and see you next week for a new firmware update friday!

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