Tizen OS shown on video

The new Tizen operating system was caught running on a Samsung prototype device during the Tizen Developer Conference currently held in San Francisco. Last week the very first version of Tizen was announced named Larkspur.

De device was made by Samsung, one of the members supporting Tizen. Despite this being a prototype, the device can tell something about the capabilities of Tizen as well as a possible final product.

The display uses a 720p resolution and the dualcore ARM processor runs at 1.2 GHz. One of the founding members of Tizen is Intel. So using an ARM processor feels somewhat odd. Intel recently released an energy efficient Atom processor used for mobile phone and tablets. Further specs are NFC, WiFi and Bluetooth.


The interface seems to borrow a lot from Samsung's TouchWiz interface. Some will be disappointed by this decision. If other handset makers will utilise the same UI is unknown. How long it will take before we can expect Tizen devices to reach market is also unknown but we expect this to take a while.

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