Photos show HTC U23 Pro with 108MP camera system

Last week we wrote about the rumor that HTC wants to release a new U flagship. Those rumors get a lot stronger today. Indeed, photos of this U23 Pro 5G have surfaced. So is HTC working on a comeback?

We must owe you the answer to that. We do not know if HTC made this device itself or if it is a flagship. However, we do know some of the specifications of the U23 Pro. Those are written on the device itself.

HTC U23 Pro rear HTC U23 Pro camera module showing 108MP large sensor
The HTC U23 Pro 5G with 108MP large camera

On the back of the U23 Pro 5G, we see a camera module with four camera lenses. On it is written in bold font, "108MP OIS." Below that, we read "AI Quad Camera." We do not know what specifications the other cameras have, but we certainly don't see a periscope lens. A 108MP camera used to be synonymous with a high-end flagship. Nowadays we find them even in phones that cost around 200 euros.

No flagship

That the HTC U23 Pro is unlikely to be a high-end flagship is also evident from the chosen materials. If we are not mistaken, the back is made of plastic. So we are looking at a mid-range device here.

HTC U23 Pro next to some other phones
The U23 Pro next to some other phones

Some screenshots further show that the U23 Pro runs under the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1, as we suggested earlier. The device has 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. The battery measures 4600mAh, and the fingerprint reader sits on the side. All these features point to a mid-range phone.


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