Google Pixel 9 case already on sale, device itself not yet

Google itself has yet to announce the Pixel 9, but those who already want to buy a case for it can do so at a U.S. online store.

Case makers are getting more frequent access to the design of future phones. This helps them prepare for what is to come. However, they are not supposed to put those cases on sale before the official launch. Something Thinborne is now doing.

Google Pixel 9 Case from Thinborne
Already put case for the Pixel 9 on sale

Whether this Texas company actually received the construction drawings from Google, or whether this is just a marketing stunt, we do not know. What is clear, however, is that the design of the Pixel 9 shown here matches previous reports and images.

No Qi2 for Pixel

For example, the design of the camera bar is going up a notch. Also, judging from the image, Qi2 seems to be missing (again). This MagSafe compatible standard works with built-in magnets to better align wireless chargers. However, the magnets are in the case and thus not in the device.

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Android 15

Google will most likely announce the Pixel 9 series in early fall 2024. This will presumably happen simultaneously with the launch of Android 15. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Pixel 9 will be the first available smartphone with Android 15.

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